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Le Entry de Moi

(In case you can't read that extensive paragraph, it reads:
Well, don't be. Even tough guys like Wolverine need their calcium. Even though he won't be getting any taller, Wolverine is building strong healthy bones under that strong metal coating. After all, Adamantium may be indestructible, but his bones aren't, and even his healing factor won't prevent breakage. That way, if some powerful master of magnetism were to rip out the adamantium, Wolverine will still be strong and ready to fight, bone claws and all.. And with 3 glasses of milk a day, he's fighting against a powerful enemy - osteoporosis. And we all know what Wolverine does to his enemies.

I know technically Wolvie won't ever get osteoporosis, but eh, it's all for humor man.:)
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