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Time to Vote!

Voting for the second challenge will take place, NOW!

Please vote for entries by number in the comment section...First, Second and Third place.

#1) Low-left Caption: The entire table turned and gasped at the sight of Wolverine returned from the dead.
Kitty: Wolverine!
Jean [thought bubble]: God, he's even hotter after death.
Hank: That's it, if he's fucking back, I'm outta here!

#2) Logan: What the hell are you all staring at?
Bobby: [coughs and eyes package]
Logan: Heh [zips] Oops.
Piotr [whispers]: Thinkunsexythoughtsthinkunsexythoughts.

#3) Wolverine: ...What?
Wolverine: Why're you lookin' at me like that -- all I said was I'm interested in Amanda Hugginkiss! She's a woman I met at Harry's!

#4) Manip'd Entry
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