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Astonishing X-Men Captions

anyone can write snappier dialogue than the hacks Marvel hires

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This will be a tongue-in-cheek community for weekly caption contests on X-Men comic scans and/or other X-Men images.

Every week I (or a mod like me) will post a scan with the hopes that community members will be inspired to add funny/insightful/interesting text to it. Responses can either be text-based or (if you have image editing capabilities), you can modify the image yourself and submit your entry exactly as you envision it.

At the end of the week all members will be encouraged to vote on their top three favorite entries AND another scan will be posted. During the course of the week you can submit entries (no limit) and vote on your top three. The winner will be posted on the third week.

Clear as mud? Good.

Your moderators are:

Moderators accept scan suggestions. Please send jpg or gif files to unanon@yahoo.com